“It’s important to remember that we all have magic inside us” -  J.K. Rowling

Why create a blog that celebrates EVERY day of the year? My reasons are four fold:


  1. I believe in magic.  The magic of childhood. I believe that innocence should be protected.  I feel like I grew up at such a young age and I want my children’s childhood to last longer.  I want them to feel magic and inspiration in their every day life.  I want them to feel excited about what the next day will bring!
  2. I love the idea that I can celebrate each day with my children and that I can educate  them in the process. I like the idea that I can expose them to topics not otherwise on the radar and they can be more well rounded people- simply by a conversation or activity. And- I get to learn a thing or two also!
  3. CELEBRATION! Who doesn’t love to celebrate something?! As a working mom, the days go by quickly and I often find that we are living to survive each day (lunches, laundry, and homework oh my!).  By celebrating something each day, it allows me a moment to slow down and smell the roses (especially on February 7- National Rose Day!).
  4. We all need a creative outlet.  Some dance. Some sing. Some draw. Some act. Some paint.  This is my way of being creative.  I work with numbers all day and I often find that my brain yearns for colors, pictures, ideas of celebration.  This seemed like a great way for me to express my creativity!